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Zahir Zakaria
Zahir Zakaria The Seventh Messenger.jpg
Home N/A
Relatives N/A
Occupation Journalist (formerly)
Status Alive
Portrayed by Winston Duke
Seasons 1
First Appearance Harvest
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have A Problem

Zahir Zakaria is a recurring character in The Messengers, appearing in the last three episodes.

He is portrayed by Winston Duke.


Zahir is a journalist from Mali who is determined to seek justice after an agricultural experiment by Plowman Family Farms goes wrong in a West African village. He is the last Messenger in joining Vera's team.

Physical Appearance[]



  • Electrokinesis: God gave him the gift to be able to manipulate and generate electricity and wield it as a dangerous weapon as seen in the promo.

First Scene[]

  • 1.11 Harvest


  • 1.11 Harvest
  • 1.12 Spark of Hope
  • 1.13 Houston, We Have A Problem