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Vera Buckley
Verabuckley 002.jpg
Home New Mexico
Relatives Michael Buckley (Son)
Occupation Ex-Scientist (Nasa Deep Space Agency; formerly)
Status Alive
Portrayed by Shantel VanSanten
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Deus Ex Machina

Vera Buckley is a main character and the female protagonist in The Messengers. She is portrayed by Shantel VanSanten.


Vera Buckley is a radio-astronomer whose son was kidnapped seven years ago. Vera has struggled since losing her son and is now working for the National Deep Space Agency alongside Alan Harris. Present day, Vera witnesses a mysterious object plummet to Earth in the New Mexico desert. The energy from the impact stops her heart for a few moments. When she wakes she finds she is connected to four strangers and that they have been deemed The Messengers, Angels of the Apocalypse. They must prevent the impending rapture and save mankind. Vera has difficulty accepting the concept of faith after the loss of her son, fighting her destiny.

Physical Appearance

Vera Buckley is tall and slender. She has long light-brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes. She has a softly tanned complexion and an athletic but slim build.



  • Spirit Walking: Vera has the ability to spirit walk. She leaves her physical body and moves around in spirit form. She can travel freely through objects and walls, however, she cannot be seen or heard.

First Seen


  • 1.03 Path to Paradise - The first appearance of Vera's gift. While chasing after the government agent who stole the meteorite sample she spirit walks through a door. When Vera returns to her body she realizes she has discovered her gift.
  • 1.04 Drums of War - Vera spirit walks through a wall and into a room where the Afghani Prime Minister is discussing the upcoming conference. She witnesses the Prime Minister's conversation with his wife, before hearing Senator Richards discuss her plans to assassinate the Prime Minister.
  • 1.05 Eye in the Sky - Vera spirit walks into a building to spy on a man named Gareth. She witnesses Gareth lose all of his money to Abaddon before she begins to run out of time. She leaps out of the window, landing back in her body.
  • 1.06 Metamorphosis-She goes with Alan to militar camp and uses her gift to discover why has inside the shed of militar government. She see Cindy Richards and other soldiers packing pieces of the meteor. And other soldier killing the soldiers under the command of Cindy.

Side Effects

  • While her gift is active, her physical body remains dormant and left clinically dead. Vera can only spirit walk for six minutes before she must return to her body.

The Messengers

In 1.01 Awakening, Vera is first seen arriving at a research station 80km west of Socorro, New Mexico where she meets with her co-worker Alan Harris. After a falling object lands, it sends off a wave and it stops Vera's heart briefly. After she wakes up, she says "Michael" and Alan wonders why she wasn't giving a pulse. They go to see where the object landed and see a big crater in place. Later on they are confronted by military men and after they leave, Alan reveals he got a piece of it. She goes back to her house and sees a man sitting in her room. She draws a gun and threatens him. He tells her to look at the computer screen and she sees a boy who is her son. Her wings are then seen and the man says he can help her find her son, and all she has to do is a job for him.


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (appears) Strange Magic (appears) • Path to Paradise (appears)Drums of War (appears)Eye in the Sky (appears)Metamorphosis (appears)Deus Ex Machina (appears)A House Divided (appears)Death Becomes Her (will appear)Why We Fight (will appear)Harvest (will appear)Spark of Hope (will appear)Houston, We Have A Problem (n/a)


Alan and Vera are co-workers at the NDSA (National Deep Space Agency). They are first seen interacting in 1.01 Awakening when Vera arrives at a research station 80km west of Socorro, New Mexico where Alan is waiting. While discussing the meeting their computer picks up the incoming meteor. Alan is inside the van while Vera goes outside to watch the 'meteor' land. When Alan steps outside he sees that Vera has passed out and runs to her, only to find she has no pulse. Vera wakes moments later and Alan is notably relieved. He begs her to rest but she wants to investigate the object which lands so he goes with her to the impact site. When they reach the impact site they find a huge smoking crater. Before they are able to investigate fully the Army shows up and quarantines the area. After being told to leave, Alan and Vera drive back and Alan shows Vera he kept a piece of rock from the impact site. He tells her he is worried about her and asks if she wants him to drive her home. She declines and they go their separate ways. In 1.02 Strange Magic Alan calls Vera to tell her that they have been fired. She tells him that she is on her way home, however, she gets caught up with Joshua and their 'mission'. After leaving Joshua Vera calls Alan to tell him she is on her way back again, only she is interrupted when the man from Joshua's vision is hit by a bus in front of her.

The Man and Vera are first seen interacting in 1.01 Awakening. The Man is waiting in Vera's house. He shows her a laptop which has footage of Vera's kidnapped son playing soccer.





The Messengers - Shantel VanSanten - A Passion For Truth


  • Previously known as Vera Ivanov, the character's name was updated in October 2014 to Vera Buckley.[1]