• Hi Frederico, welcome to The Messengers Wiki. Your edits are greatly appreciated, but may I ask why you are changing the Appearances format? That format has been in place since the beginning of the series and I can't see any reason it needs to be changed? Thanks, - Raina

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    • Hello, I'm contacting you again regarding your changes.

      Please ensure you read The Messengers Wiki guides prior to making edits.

      All pages on this Wikia (excluding any new pages created) are correctly formatted and do not require alteration. Several pages require content and are listed under the Article Stubs category. Wanted pages can be located under Special:Wanted Pages.

      Please ensure all contributions follow the outline listed in the Wikia Guides.

      Thank you,

      - Raina

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    • Hello, I'm contacting you for a third time and asking you to please stop:

      • Editing the format of the pages
      • Creating new categories to replace existing categories
      • Changing the categories

      If you would like to contribute information or create new pages for content that does not currently exist (but does relate to The Messengers), it is greatly appreciated. It is not appreciated when you create extra work by changing categories and page formats. The Wiki guidelines specifically outline the layouts to be used and the categories available.

      Thank in advance for your cooperation, Raina

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    • Relax, I'm not tring to piss you off, okay?

      But thanks for listening to me, because to tell a few other things:

      8. Not every word should be "capitalized" in every section. It's enough the third word/sylable/letter.

      9. In the character pages, you should a "description" section that would unite personality, physical appearance and [maybe, if you want] relationships.

      I promise I'm not mocking you, Killer Frost... [okay, I did it this time]

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    • My three messages here on your wall were sent over 5 hours ago, prior to the forum thread and your response.

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    • Sorry, back in that, I turned my computer off for a while. And I was trying to get some sleep.

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    • In the series' page, you could include the entire cast, including the actors those who have portraying minor characters.

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    • Sure, good idea. I'm actually just headed out to have tea but I'll update it when I get back. Otherwise, if you want to add them feel free!

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    • The episode infobox must be modified.

      • "Season" removed.
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    • Done - thanks for the heads up! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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