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The title should be the cast members full name. For example:

  • Shantel VanSanten


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Info Box

  • Twitter: The actor / actresses twitter account.
  • Image: The title of the featured image followed by the extension (.jpg or .png).
  • Name: The actor / actresses full name.
  • Birthday: Date of birth.
  • Birth Place: Location of birth.
  • Portrays: Character they play.
  • Seasons: The season they are featured in.

Early Life

A summary of the cast members early life:

  • Where they were born.
  • Where they went to school.
  • When they got into acting.
  • Where they graduated.
  • Who their family / parents are.


A summary of their career.


A table of all the films they have been featured in. See templates for table code.

A table of all the television shows they have been featured in. See templates for table code.



Photos / photoshoots of the cast member.


Any trivia relating to the cast member.


Cast pages should make use of the following categories:

  • Actor / Actress
  • Cast
  • Main Cast / Recurring Cast


| Twitter=
| Image=
| Name=
| Birthplace=
| Birth date=
| Portrays=
| Season=
}}-- will portray [[--]] in the upcoming series [[The Messengers]].

==Early Life==
{| class="wikitable"
|- style="background:#ccc; text-align:center;"
! colspan="4" style="background: LightSteelBlue;" | Television
|- style="background:#ccc; text-align:center;"
! Year !! Title !! Role !! Notes
| 2015
| ''The Messengers''
| --
| --
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