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Ronnie 001.jpg
Home N/A
Relatives Erin Calder (ex-wife)
Amy Calder (daughter)
Occupation N/A
Status Alive
Portrayed by Lane Garrison
Seasons 1
First Appearance "Awakening"
Latest Appearance "Houston, We Have A Problem"

Ronnie is a recurring character in the The Messengers. He is the father of Amy Calder and the ex-husband of Erin Calder.


Ronnie is a police officer. He is the ex-husband of Erin Calder the father of Amy Calder. After seeing too much on the job he became paranoid, forcing Erin to stay in the house with Amy. When Erin began drinking to deal with his paranoia, he badgered her about it until she finally decided to leave.

After the car accident which landed Amy in hospital, Ronnie threatened to have the report say Erin had been drinking again, so Erin kidnapped Amy from the hospital. Ronnie put out an APB on them both. He finally caught up with them in "Eye in the Sky" thanks to the help of The Man. While trying to take Amy from Erin he is shot by Nadia. Erin uses her gift to heal him and she tells him to leave. He meets The Man after and tells him he still loves Erin and will do anything to be with her.

He later appears during a flashback scene in the tenth episode, when he supports his then wife in the birth of the daughter.


Ronnie is medium height with an athletic build. His hair is brown and shaved on the sides, slightly longer on top.