Raul Garcia
Raulgarcia 002
Home Mexico
Relatives Nadia Garcia (Daughter)
Cesar Garcia (Brother; deceased)
Erin Calder (Girlfriend)
Occupation Federal Agent (formerly)
Status Alive
Portrayed by JD Pardo
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have a Problem

Raul Garcia is a main character in The Messengers. He is portrayed by JD Pardo.


Raul is an undercover federal agent who recently escaped an assignment working for a violent Mexican drug cartel. He was setup and is now a fugitive on the run from the FBI and members of the Mexican cartel he worked for. His new destiny interferes with his own plans of ensuring the safety of his family. Raul is the father of Nadia Garcia.

Physical appearanceEdit

Raul is tall with short, cropped, black hair. He has a dark complexion and is of athletic build. He has dark facial features and brown eyes.

Gift Edit


  • Telepathy

First Seen

  • 1.01 Awakening


  • 1.01 Awakening- After being hit by wave energy, he hears the thoughts of the guys who are going to kill him and kill them before.
  • 1.02 Strange Magic- In the car he hears the thoughts of Erin Calder.
  • 1.03 Path to Paradise- TBA

Side Efects

  • In 1.01 Awakening Raul is seen to suffer from headaches when he reads thoughts.

The MessengersEdit

In 1.01 Awakening, Raul is first seen out in the desert. He is about to have his head chopped off by a machete when the man holding the machete is shot. Two agents arrive and Raul tells them he has the information they need. While he is talking to the agents he is hit by the energy pulse and dies. The agents assume he had a heart attack and go to leave, but Raul wakes up. When he wakes he can suddenly hear thoughts. He hears one of the agents think about killing him. After a fight, Raul is shot in the arm and both agents are dead. Raul leaves, stopping at a stash he has with new clothes. After changing he catches a lift to a gas station where he bandages his arm and calls his brother, leaving him a message. Raul goes into the gas station to steal some food and encounters Erin and Amy Calder. Amy watches Raul before looking to the television. There is a wanted bulletin for Raul. Raul sees the television and follows Erin and Amy outside, getting into their car and pulling out his gun. He tells Erin to take him to Houston so he can make sure his brother and niece are okay.

In 1.02 Strange Magic,

In 1.03 Path to Paradise,

In 1.04 Drums of War,

In 1.05 Eye in the Sky,

In 1.06 Metamorphosis,

In 1.07 Deus Ex Machina,

In 1.08 A House Divided,

In 1.09 Death Becomes Her,

In 1.10 Why We Fight,

In 1.11 Harvest,

In 1.12 Spark of Hope, Raul and the others plan on getting Zahir Zakaria out of his holding cell since he is the seventh Messenger and they need him. Before they leave, Erin tells him he needs to tell Nadia that he is her biological father, but he interrupts her and Peter making out. He turns himself in to get into the building and Koa disguised as an agent. When she morphs back, Raul is wondering why and telling her to go back into the disguise, but Koa is speaking a different language and is wondering who he is. Raul is being interrogated by a man and he fights him, while also being rescued by the others. Raul then meets Zahir and he helps them escape from the facility. He sees him do his powers at the house and they all plan on how they are going to stop the Horsemen from breaking the final seals. Afterwards, Raul goes to Nadia and apologizes for what he did earlier and tells her he is her father, to which she says she had already suspected it. She tells him she's not a little girl anymore and that he has to respect her decisions and he agrees to.

In 1.13 Houston, We Have a Problem,


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (appears) Strange Magic (appears) • Path to Paradise (appears) Drums of War (appears) Eye in the Sky (appears) Metamorphosis (appears) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (appears) Why We Fight (appears) Harvest (appears) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have A Problem (appears)


Erin and Raul first see one another in 1.01 Awakening when they are both at the same gas station. They smile at one another before Erin leaves the store with Amy. Raul sees that a bulletin is displayed on the television for his arrest and runs out of the store, climbing into the back of Erin's car and pulling out a gun. He tells Erin not to worry, that he won't hurt her or Amy, that he just needs a ride to Houston where his family is. In 1.02 Strange Magic they arrive in Houston, however, Raul has passed out from the bullet wound. Erin goes to drop him at a bus stop but Amy convinces her to take him to the hospital. At the hospital Amy wakes up Raul and he tries to stand but falls, knocking Erin over. Her touch heals his wound and he asks her what she did. The police arrive and Raul tells Erin to run. They make their way to the Chapel where they find the other Messengers are. After listening to Rose, Raul and Erin leave together with Amy. Erin tells Raul they should stick together. While driving, they are pulled over by a police officer who saw the amber alert for Erin kidnapping Amy. Raul hears Erin's thoughts about her husband Ronnie. He stops the policeman and they drive to Raul's brother's house where they drop him off.



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