Nadia Garcia
Nadiagarcia season1 001
Home Houston
Relatives Raul Garcia (Father)
Gabriela (Mother)
Cesar Garcia (Uncle; deceased)
Occupation Florist
Status Alive
Portrayed by Brittany O'Grady
Seasons 1
First Appearance Strange Magic
Latest Appearance A House Divided

Nadia Garcia is a recurring character in the show The Messengers. She is portrayed by Brittany O'Grady.


When Nadia turned 15, she found a picture of her mother and Raul kissing each other. She tries to hide it from her father, but he takes it and gets really angry about it.

Sometime into the party, Cesar tells Gabriela to get out since he now knows about her and Raul's affair, to which she does leave, leaving Nadia saddened.

Nadia is first mentioned in Awakening (Pilot), however, she does not make an appearance. She is spoken of by Raul, who says he is traveling to see his niece, Nadia.


Nadia is a very outspoken girl and holds some resentment towards her uncle for tearing her father and mother apart. Underneath the tough exterior lies a girl who is just hurt, but is very caring towards other people.

Physical Appearance

Nadia is medium height and build with long, wavy black hair with red tips.


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (absent) Strange Magic (appears) Path to Paradise (appears) Drums of War (appears) Eye in the Sky (appears) Metamorphosis (appears) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (n/a) Why We Fight (n/a) Harvest (n/a) Spark of Hope (n/a) Houston, We Have A Problem (n/a)


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