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Michael Buckley-Travers
Home Heaven (formerly)
Relatives God (spiritual father)
Leo Travers (human father)
Vera Buckley (human mother)
Unnamed human great-grandfather (deceased)
Jeff Fairburn (foster human father; deceased)
Kay Fairburn (foster human mother; deceased)
Occupation Archangel
Status Alive
Portrayed by Zeb Sanders
Seasons 1
First Appearance Awakening
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have A Problem

Michael Buckley-Travers is the son of Vera Buckley and her then boyfriend Leo Travers, who was taken as a baby because he is in fact the reincarnation of the namesake archangel.

He is portrayed by Zeb Sanders.


Michael is an archangel who fought in God's service against Satan's armies. For some unexplained reason, he managed to reincarnate several times during each generation of Messengers: he was reborn as the child of human parents across ages.

His last rebirth was on September 2007 as the son of Vera Buckley and Leo Travers. A flashback shows he was kidnapped when he was eleven months old while at an airport terminal with Vera.

Following the event, the kid was brought to a sterile couple: Jeff and Kay Fairburn, who renamed him as "Brian" and raised him as their own son.

When he grows older, Michael will be complete again to fight against the forces of Hell, but for now, he is danger from the future menace caused by the Antichrist, who is in fact Amy Calder.



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