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Leland Schiller
Leland Schiller.jpg
Home Texas
Relatives Margaret Schiller (mother, deceased)
Occupation Horsemen of Pestilence
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Sam Littlefield
Seasons 1
First Appearance Metamorphosis
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have A Problem

Leland Schiller is a recurring character in The Messengers. He is portrayed by Sam Littlefield.


Leland took care of his ill mother when she was refused medical help. After her passing he was devastated and sought vengeance. After completing his plan for revenge Leland broke the third seal, becoming the Horsemen of Pestilence.

In 1.06 Metamorphosis,

In 1.07 Deus Ex Machina, Koa Lin shows up at Leland's house taking on the form of his mother. As his mother is already deceased Leland knows Koa is an imposter. He drugs her tea, sets off chemicals and leaves. Later, Alan Harris and Vera Buckley find Leland and try to talk him out of attacking Nero and killing all of their patients. The Man tries to intervene and encourage Leland to go ahead with his plan but Vera is able to convince him his mother wouldn't want this and he turns himself into the police. To Leland's surprise an unknown person posts bail for him and he is released shortly after.

In 1.08 A House Divided, Leland attacks and kills nearly two hundred Nero employee's, breaking the third seal. He meets with Cindy Richards and together they decide to make their own plan to find the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse which enrages The Man.

In 1.09 Death Becomes Her, The Man reveals Rose posted Leland's bail using money from Cindy Richards. In the cemetery, Leland appears behind Rose and Cindy. He says they will be able to find the last Horsemen thanks to Joshua and his vision. He then watches as Rose kills Joshua.

In 1.10 Why We Fight, Leland worries The Man will foil their plans to bring about the apocalypse. Cindy shows Leland the meteorite explaining it contains every element known to man plus one they've never seen before. Cindy and Leland watch as a scientist tries to unsuccessfully extract the unknown element.

In 1.11 Harvest, Leland and Cindy visit the facility in Smyrna which houses the meteorite where they witness a piece of the meteorite turn blue. After taking Vera hostage, Leland watches while Vera is forced to extract the unknown element in order to save Alan's life. He asks Cindy if he can kill Vera and Alan but she declines, wanting to do it herself. After Vera and Alan escape Leland is furious. Rose arrives and shows Leland, Cindy and Mark how the extracted unknown element can be used as a weapon.

In 1.12 Spark of Hope, Leland sets up a computer at a desk outside. The computer screen shows shows aircraft and their flight plans. He looks up as a plane flies overheard and then enters something onto his computer before saying "Houston, you have a very big problem".

In 1.13 Houston, We Have a Problem,

Physical Appearance[]

Leland is tall and thin with short brown hair. He wears glasses.


The Messengers: Season One
Awakening (absent) Strange Magic (absent) Path to Paradise (absent) Drums of War (absent) Eye in the Sky (absent) Metamorphosis (appears) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (appears) Why We Fight (appears) Harvest (appears) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have a Problem (appears)