Kay Fairburn
Home N/A
Relatives Jeff (husband)
Brian (Adopted Son)
Occupation N/A
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Elizabeth Bogush
Seasons 1
First Appearance A House Divided
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have A Problem

Kay Fairburn is a recurring character in The Messengers. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Bogush.


Kay Fairburn is introduced in 1.08 A House Divided. It is revealed The Man kidnapped Michael Buckley and gave him to Kay and Jeff Fairburn seven years ago. When The Man threatens to take Michael away from them Kay and her husband agree to do whatever it takes to keep him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kay is slender with reddish brown hair, fair colored skin and bright blue eyes.


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (absent) Strange Magic (absent) Path to Paradise (absent) Drums of War (absent) Eye in the Sky (absent) Metamorphosis (absent) Deus Ex Machina (absent) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (absent) Why We Fight (absent) Harvest (absent) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have A Problem (appears)


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