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Hope Silburn
Home Texas
Relatives Joshua Silburn Snr (Father)
Joshua Silburn Jr
Charlotte Silburn (Sister-In-Law)
Caleb (Son)
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Portrayed by Hannah Marshall
Seasons 1
First Appearance Drums of War
Latest Appearance Drums of War

Hope Silburn is the sister of Joshua Silburn Jr and the daughter of Joshua Silburn Snr.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Hope's early life except that her father discarded her after she made it known she was a lesbian.

Season One[]

In 1.04 Drums of War, Joshua visits her and tells her about the vision he had of her and their father. She at first thinks he's on drugs again and he tells her he's not. They make their peace and Joshua asks her to tell him when Caleb's next T-ball game is, since he wants to come.


She is angry at her father for not understanding her and at her brother for not speaking up in her defense. She is shown to be understanding and forgiving when she and Joshua make up.


Joshua Jr and Hope[]

Hope is angry at Joshua for not defending her against their father, but they make up in the end after Joshua tells her he wished he had but couldn't.

Joshua Snr and Hope[]

It can be assumed that they got along before she told him about her sexuality. After she told him about it, he alienated her and didn't have anything else to do with her afterwards.


The Messengers: Season One
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