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Erin Calder
Erincalder 002.jpg
Home Tucson, Arizona
Relatives Amy Calder (Daughter)
Ronnie (Ex-husband)
Raul Garcia (Boyfriend)
Occupation Unemployed
Status Alive
Portrayed by Sofia Black-D'Elia
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Houston, We Have a Problem

Erin Calder is a main character in The Messengers. She is portrayed by actress Sofia Black-D'Elia.


Erin Calder is a young mother who is desperate to protect her daughter from her abusive ex-husband. Erin's life is thrown into chaos when she finds out she is part of The Messengers, a group of strangers who have been given extraordinary gifts and must prevent the impending apocalypse. After an interesting run-in with fellow Messenger Raul, Erin realizes she has the gift of healing. While she tries to continue about her life with Amy, Erin is drawn back to the group at the end of 1.02 Strange Magic.

Physical Appearance[]

Erin is quietly spoken and thoughtful and has shoulder-length dark brown hair. She is medium height with dark brown eyes and usually wears her hair down. She has a medium complexion and a slender, slim build.



  • Healing: God granted Erin the unique gift of healing capable of healing injuries at a superhuman rate via tears and physical touch. Her gift was first demonstrated as she healed her severely injured daughter with her tears. So far her gift has demonstrated to be able to wounds caused by gunshots, burns, diseases such as cancer and can help heal beings with poisons in their system. Erin's ability comes with a price which is revealed in 1.06 Metamorphosis

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Side Effects

  • Using her gift frequently to heal the wounds and illnesses of others can cause her own health and body to deteriorate. For example, after healing several near-fatal injuries over the course of two or three days, she developed pericardial effusion, or bleeding in the heart, which caused a hematoma on her chest. Also, like most of the Messengers' gifts, she can only access her gift of healing when an urgent situation demands it.

The Messengers[]

In 1.01 Awakening, Erin is first seen outside her home with her daughter Amy. She answers a phone call while asking Amy to get into the car. While they are driving Erin is hit by the energy pulse and dies, causing the car to crash. When Erin awakens she finds herself on a stretcher and sees Amy being taken away in an ambulance in critical condition. Shortly after Erin is at the hospital waiting for news on Amy's condition when her ex-husband Ronnie arrives. Ronnie threatens to say Erin was drinking while driving, even though she wasn't and Erin begs him not to. After Ronnie leaves, Erin is allowed to see Amy and is devastated seeing her daughter injured. She cries while leaning over Amy and her tears heal Amy's wound. Amy begins to stir and then wakes up, asking Erin why she is in hospital. When Erin realises Amy is no longer injured she takes her from the hospital. As they leave Erin's wings are seen in a mirror. Leaving town, Erin and Amy go into a rest stop where they see Raul. As they leave, Erin smiles at him. As she is about to pull out of the car park, Raul jumps into the backseat holding a gun and telling her to drive. While driving Raul speaks to Amy, telling her he wants to go to Houston. Erin tells Amy not to speak to Raul and to finish her drawing.

In 1.02 Strange Magic, Erin and Amy have stopped so Erin can drop an unconscious Raul at a bus stop. Amy begs her to take Raul to the hospital instead. Once at Houston Memorial Hospital, the nurse demands Erin wait as she needs to report him due to his gun shot wound. Amy wakes Raul up and he tries to get up, knocking Erin over. Erin's touch heals Raul's bullet wound and he demands to know what she just did. The police arrive and Erin runs with Raul and Amy. They end up in the Chapel where the rest of The Messengers are waiting. Sending Amy off to play a game on her phone, Erin listens while Rose tells the group about their destiny. Erin asks Rose why they were chosen and Rose tells her that if people like them can work out how to work together the world may deserve to be saved. After the hospital staff show up, Erin leaves with Raul and Amy. On the way to Raul's brothers house they are pulled over by a police officer who realizes Erin and Amy are from an Amber Alert put out by Ronnie. Raul stops the officer and they drive off. Erin drops Raul off at his brother's house before leaving with Amy. Erin stops at The Last Supper Bar and Grill to get chicken nuggets for Amy where they run into the rest of The Messengers. Erin asks the group to slow down as she is just there for Amy.

In 1.03 Path to Paradise,

In 1.04 Drums of War,

In 1.05 Eye in the Sky,

In 1.06 Metamorphosis,

In 1.07 Deus Ex Machina,

In 1.08 A House Divided,

In 1.09 Death Becomes Her,

In 1.10 Why We Fight,

In 1.11 Harvest,

In 1.12 Spark of Hope,

In 1.13 Houston, We Have a Problem,


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (appears) Strange Magic (appears) Path to Paradise (appears) Drums of War (appears) Eye in the Sky (appears) Metamorphosis (appears) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (appears) Why We Fight (appears) Harvest (appears) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have A Problem (appears)


Amy is Erin's daughter. They are first seen in 1.01 Pilot where Amy is drawing on the driveway and Erin is asking her to get into the car. Amy is with Erin when the meteor crashes and Erin is hit by the energy pulse, dying. Amy is in critical condition and Erin is devastated, waiting at the hospital. When Erin is finally able to see Amy she leans over her, crying. Her tears heal Amy's wound. Realising Ronnie isn't going to let Amy stay with her, Erin kidnaps Amy fro the hospital and goes on the run. Amy and Erin are at the gas station when Raul takes them both hostage. Erin tells Amy not to talk to Raul, however she does anyway. In 1.02 Strange Magic Erin wants to leave Raul at a bus stop however Amy convinces her to take him to the hospital. Once at the hospital Amy sees Erin heal Raul. After meeting with the other Messengers, Erin takes Amy and leaves with Raul. While they are driving they are pulled over by the police and Amy hopes that Ronnie won't hurt Erin again. Once Raul stops the police officer and Erin drops him off at his brother's, Amy tells Erin that both of them like Raul.

Erin and Nadia first meet in 1.03 Path to Paradise when Raul asks Erin if she can look after Nadia while he goes to find Cesar. Nadia takes Erin and Amy to an abandoned house where they can stay safely. Nadia asks Erin if she is Raul's girlfriend and why they are together, Erin says it's complicated.

Erin and Raul first see one another in 1.01 Awakening when they are both at the same gas station. They smile at one another before Erin leaves the store with Amy. Raul sees that a bulletin is displayed on the television for his arrest and runs out of the store, climbing into the back of Erin's car and pulling out a gun. He tells Erin not to worry, that he won't hurt her or Amy, that he just needs a ride to Houston where his family is. In 1.02 Strange Magic they arrive in Houston, however, Raul has passed out from the bullet wound. Erin goes to drop him at a bus stop but Amy convinces her to take him to the hospital. At the hospital Amy wakes up Raul and he tries to stand but falls, knocking Erin over. Her touch heals his wound and he asks her what she did. The police arrive and Raul tells Erin to run. They make their way to the Chapel where they find the other Messengers are. After listening to Rose, Raul and Erin leave together with Amy. Erin tells Raul they should stick together. While driving, they are pulled over by a police officer who saw the amber alert for Erin kidnapping Amy. Raul hears Erin's thoughts about her husband Ronnie. He stops the policeman and they drive to Raul's brother's house where they drop him off.

Erin and Ronnie were married and have a daughter together, Amy. Ronnie was a caring father, however, he became over-protective and mentally abused Erin. Erin left Ronnie after she couldn't take anymore and took Amy with her. In 1.0 Awakening Ronnie shows up at the hospital after Amy's accident and tells Erin that it is all her fault. He says he will change the report to say she was drinking which caused the accident. When Amy wakes up Erin panic's and takes her from the hospital. When Ronnie finds out he issues an amber alert.


  • The character of Erin Calder was originally named Erin Connors.