Eliza Shepard
Elizashepard 001
Home N/A
Relatives N/A
Occupation Messenger (previously)
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Jennifer Griffin
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Spark of Hope

Eliza Shepard is a recurring character on The Messengers. She is portrayed by Jennifer Griffin.


Eliza Shepard is a Messenger from a previous generation. She had the gift of visions, as Joshua does this generation.

Season OneEdit

In 1.03 Path to Paradise,

In 1.04 Drums of War,

In 1.05 Eye in the Sky,

In 1.07 Deus Ex Machina,

In 1.08 A House Divided,

In 1.09 Death Becomes Her,

In 1.12 Spark of Hope,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Eliza is medium height with shoulder-length grey hair. When first seen she is in quite a bad state, struggling with her mental health after being a Messenger.


The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (absent) Strange Magic (absent) Path to Paradise (appears) Drums of War (appears) Eye in the Sky (appears) Metamorphosis (absent) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (appears) Why We Fight (absent) Harvest (absent) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have A Problem (absent)


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