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The Messengers 1.01 Awakening Clip 2
The Messengers 1.01 Awakening Clip 2
The Messengers 1.01 Awakening Clip 3
The Messengers 1.01 Awakening Clip 3
Sneak Peek The Messengers 1.01 Awakening Clip 4

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The Messengers
Episode 1
Pilot 01.jpg
Air date April 17, 2014
Written by Eoghan O'Donnell
Directed by Stephen Williams
Episode Guide Transcript
Strange Magic

Awakening (Pilot) is the first episode of Season One of The Messengers, as well as the first episode of the series.

It is set premiere on April 17, 2015.


When a mysterious object crashes to earth, a group of seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse. They awaken to learn they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending apocalypse.


A mysterious object plummets to earth landing in the New Mexico desert. The energy from the impact stops the hearts of five strangers. When they awaken they are suddenly connected. Vera, a scientist, Erin, a young mother, Peter, a foster kid, Raul, a federal agent and Joshua, a televangelist. These five strangers have been deemed part of The Messengers, Angels of the Apocalypse, and they must work together to prevent the rapture. Each of The Messengers awoke with a gift, ranging from the ability to heal to increased strength.

Cast & Characters



  • Stewart Lyons

Co-Executive Producer

Executive Producer



  • Stephen Williams





The episode was originally scheduled to air 10 April 2015. The CW announced the premiere was pushed back by one week to 17 April 2015.[1]


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