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[Two female nurses, Rose Arvale and Pepper, are walking out of the hospital late at night while they discuss Rose's recent engagement. Pepper takes Rose's hands to look at her engagement ring]

PEPPER: That's so exciting! Have you set a date? Yes, I'll be your maid-of-honor!

[Pepper reaches out and takes Rose's hand so she can look at her engagement ring]

PEPPER: Let me see that thing! Wow! How did you know?
ROSE: He asked me if women know their ring sizes! And I was like, "Of course! I mean, I do."
PEPPER: Real smooth.
ROSE: [laughs] So smooth!
PEPPER: You know, I'd almost lost faith until you guys. [They stop walking, and Pepper smiles at Rose] Maybe there's hope for me.

[Rose laughs, and Pepper reaches for her hand again]

PEPPER: Let me see it again. Awww, that's... wow. [Rose smiles and laughs happily] It's gorgeous.

[Suddenly, Rose's eyes start to flutter as she's overcome by a dizzy spell. She sways on her feet, and Pepper grabs her arms to steady her]

PEPPER: [concerned] Hey, are you okay?

[Rose still looks dazed and remains silent for a moment, making Pepper even more worried]

ROSE: [worried] I've got a bad feeling...

[Suddenly, a man in a black track jacket and black knit cap appears and walks toward them with a handgun in his left hand. Rose and Pepper turn toward him and instinctively back away]

MAN: His name was Death, and Hell followed with him.

[The man aims his gun at the women and fires off three shots at Rose, which hit her squarely in the chest. As the man calmly walks away, Rose falls backwards into a parked car before collapsing on the ground, and Pepper screams before she falls onto her knees to check on her]

PEPPER: [panicked] Rose? Rose! Rose!

[She applies pressure to Rose's wounds and shouts to anyone in earshot]

PEPPER: Somebody get a doctor out here! [She looks back down at Rose', who is bleeding profusely, and whose eyelids are fluttering wildly] Hey, hey, hey! Stay with me, Rose. Stay with me! I got you. SOMEBODY HELP! HELP!




[A National Deep Space Agency employee, Vera Buckley, drives through the New Mexico desert in her truck until she finally arrives to the massive satellite dish. Waiting for Vera there is her coworker, Alan Harris, who is waiting outside of one of NASA's trucks filled with astronomical monitoring equipment. Vera leaves the car and approaches Alan, looking annoyed and frustrated]

ALAN: Were you nice? You said you'd be nice.
VERA: He said we're looking for E.T. in the middle of a budget crisis. That's what he said.
ALAN: [nervously] So, you weren't nice?
VERA: [laughs bitterly] I just made one observation! That was it. You know, that I'm sure he's just as qualified to judge a team of radio-astronomers as he is to hold public office!
ALAN: [grimaces] I'm really worried about where this is going...
VERA: His daddy's oil money obviously qualifies him for both.
ALAN: [exasperated] You said that to him? You said those words to him? Vera, the man is a U.S. Congressman--
VERA: [cuts him off] The man is an idiot--
ALAN: --An idiot who owns the purse strings!

[Their argument is interrupted when they suddenly hear loud beeping noises coming from the equipment in the van. The two run over to it and start examining the computers, which show what looks like a meteor heading straight for the Earth]

VERA: [stunned] Whoa.


[A small propeller plane is parked in a clearing as Raul Garcia, whose wrists are bound behind his back, pleads for his life in Spanish to two cartel members]

RAUL: Espera! Espera! [English: "Wait! Wait!"]
MAN 1: Tú no pruebas. [English: "Don't try."]
RAUL: Tú sabes! Tú sabes! Ahora yo-- [English: "You know! You know! Now, I--"]
MAN 2: [interrupts him and mutters unintelligibly]
RAUL: No soy un federale! [English: "I'm not a federal agent!"]

[Man 2 kicks Raul in the back of the legs, forcing him onto his knees, where both men hold Raul down as he continues to plead to them in Spanish. Man 1 has a long, sharp blade in his hand, and he holds it over Raul's neck in preparation to behead him]

RAUL: Espera! Tienes todo mal! Cuánto tiempo me has conoces? [English: "Wait! You've got this all wrong! How long have you known me?"]

[Suddenly, two gunshots ring out, one after the other, which hit each of the men before they can behead Raul]

MAN 1: [yells] AYYYYY!

[The men fall dead onto the ground just as Hummer with two more men carrying sniper rifles drives toward a very anxious and winded Raul. Once they have parked, they exit the vehicle and approach Raul, who has managed to pull himself onto his feet]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: Qué pasó, amigo?
RAUL: [angrily] What the hell took you so long? Five years underwater, man. My cover's blown. I got what we need-- now, I'm out.

[Federal Agent 2 cuts the zip-ties binding Raul's wrists]

RAUL: You hear me? I'm finished.
FEDERAL AGENT 1: Whoa! We gotcha, okay? Don't worry! You're out, we get it. [He gestures to himself and FA 2] That's why we're here.
FEDERAL AGENT 2: We'll getchu back across the border.
RAUL: No, not just across the border-- you take me home. I'm done.
FEDERAL AGENT 1: Absolutely.

[FA 1 takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and hands it to Raul to wipe the blood off his face and hands]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: You earned it. [He pauses for a moment] Well, we've got El Jefe over a barrel now! You did get the coordinates, right?
RAUL: [pants] Yeah, I got the coordinates. The shipment's on the plane.
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [smiles happily] Ah-ha! You are one hell of an agent, amigo.


[Outside of the Calder family home, six-year-old Amy Calder is coloring with chalk on the driveway when her young adult mother, Erin, comes outside with her purse and car keys in hand]

ERIN: [impressed] Wow! You're getting good at those sunrises, Van Gogh!
AMY: I don't wanna be Van Gogh! He cut off his ear!

[Erin laughs and tickles her]

ERIN: Oh, and your ears are so cute, too!

[Erin and Amy laugh together until Erin's cell phone starts to ring. Before she answers it, she stands to her feet and gestures for Amy to do the same]

ERIN: In the car, kiddo. Buckle up.

[Erin walks over to the car and answers the phone]

ERIN: Hello?

[Erin opens the passenger door of the car for Amy while she waits for the caller to respond]

ERIN: Amy, now.
AMY: Okay, Mom.

[After some silence, Erin speaks into the phone again]

ERIN: Hello, who is this?

[After she gets no response again, she waits until Amy is inside the car before frowning with concern]

ERIN: [on the phone] Ronnie? Ronnie, if that's you, I swear, I know what you're trying to do, and she is not going with you. [While she talks, Amy looks at her sadly] Do you hear me? As long as I live, never again.

[Erin looks over at her daughter and notices the sad expression on her face before smiling weakly and wrapping up her call]

ERIN: [on the phone] I'm hanging up now.

[Erin hangs up the phone and gets into the driver's seat of the car]


[Backstage of the church, a young newbie pastor, Joshua Silburn Jr., is preparing for his televised sermon at his family's mega-church. A producer passes him in the hall and calls out to him]

PRODUCER: One minute 'til showtime, Preacher!

[Joshua paces around anxiously when his visibly pregnant wife Charlotte approaches him with a big smile on her face]

CHARLOTTE: You're gonna kill it! You always do.
JOSHUA: [laughs nervously] It's like opening for the Stones!
CHARLOTTE: [caresses his face] You are just as good as your father. Besides-- Jagger's getting old. [She straightens his collar] It's time for the next generation.

[Joshua laughs and touches her baby bump]

JOSHUA: Shouldn't you be sittin'? The doctor--
CHARLOTTE: [cuts him off] It's not no squat! [She takes his hand and leads him toward the stage] Come on!
PRODUCER: Thirty seconds to air!

[Joshua smiles and walks toward the curtain with Charlotte before stopping just outside the stage]

JOSHUA: Hey, you could be on stage with my dad.

[Charlotte sighs and hesitates for a moment, spinning Joshua so he's facing the audience before replying]

CHARLOTTE: [smiles] The view's better from back here. Go on, preacher man! Knock 'em dead!

[Joshua laughs and kisses Charlotte before he walks on stage. At the back of the stage, there are almost a dozen people seated in chairs, presumably more members of the Silburn family. Included among them is Joshua Silburn Sr, who gives Charlotte a significant look. When she sees him looking at her, her smile falls, and she becomes visibly anxious as the producer counts down]

PRODUCER: We're on in five, four, three...

[The producer stops counting, and just as Joshua walks across the stage, a band starts to play to signal his appearance. He waves at the enormous audience who has shown up to see his sermon and waits for the applause to die down before he addresses the congregation]

JOSHUA: Does God want us to fear him?
AUDIENCE: [yells] No!
JOSHUA: Is that what you think?
JOSHUA: [smiles] No! No, I don't think so either, friends. See, my father's teachings show us that God? Well, God just wants us to love! [He claps his hands enthusiastically] Yes, he does! Yes, he does! He just wants us to love!

[The audience all claps loudly]

JOSHUA: Now, I ask you to remember John 10:10-- "I have come that they may have Life, and that they may have it more abundantly." More abundantly! See, that is what Jesus brought to humanity...

[Joshua continues his sermon, as the camera pans toward the camera man who is filming the sermon. The video feed travels through the camera and into the wire, which zaps through the electrical set-up of the building. The video feed pans through the satellite dish in New Mexico, where it is beamed up to an atmospheric satellite floating in space around the Earth. Suddenly, a flaming meteor passes the space satellite as it hurtles toward the planet]


[At ARCHER HILLS HIGH SCHOOL-- LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, The bell has just rung to dismiss school for the day, and the high school's students begin to file out of the school to head home. Outside, a young high schooler named Peter Moore walks out into the sunshine and stops when he sees what looks like a shooting star overhead. He continues to watch it until his friend Alice, a young blonde teenage girl, walks over to him]

ALICE: Hey, Peter! [Peter doesn't notice her at first] Hello, Peter? Space cadet! Are you even listening?

[Finally, Peter snaps out of it and looks at Alice]

PETER: [smiles] What? Sorry.
ALICE: [smiles back] Trying to ask you when you're heading to Lindsay's party tonight.
PETER: [awkwardly] Oh, yeah! Uh, um, I don't know. I don't think I'm gonna go. [He takes a deep breath] I just think it'd be too...
ALICE: Uh, what, too much fun? Come on, Peter! You can't swim laps all night! And besides, I wanted you to drive me home--

[Their conversation is interrupted by a bully, Sam, who comes up behind Peter and yanks on his bookbag before being joined by several other male friends. They then come around so they can face Peter]

BULLY: Hey, Petey! [He points to Alice] You know, hanging out with this chick? It ain't fooling anybody.
ALICE: Hey, Sam. Is it true Susan broke up with you because you have a really small--
SAM: [angrily] You'd better shut up!
ALICE: [ignores him] --Vocabulary? I was going to say "vocabulary." Did you think I was saying something else?

[Peter smirks behind Alice, but Sam only becomes more angry]

SAM: [to Peter] You know, next time I see you? You're dead. [He turns to his friends] Let's go.

[80KM WEST OF SOCORRO, NEW MEXICO, Vera and Alan are still in the desert near the satellite, where they are continuing to monitor the possible meteor headed toward the Earth. Alan sits down in front of a computer while Vera prints off the readings and listens to something with headphones]

ALAN: Uhhh, you getting it?
VERA: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
ALAN: [types on laptop] Seriously, what is this?

[Suddenly, Vera looks alarmed and rushes toward Alan, gently shoving him aside so she can look at his computer]

VERA: Wait-- Hold on, move. Move.

[Vera starts typing on the laptop, which brings up a screen that shows that the meteor is headed for a location that is extremely close to their current location. Vera gets up, and when Alan sees the screen, he becomes even more concerned]

ALAN: Whoa, this thing's really close!

[Vera gets out of the van and walks a couple feet away, shielding her face from the sun with her hand as the wind around her starts to increase in intensity. She watches as the meteor flies overhead, and after a moment, she runs toward its destination, which is only a few miles away from them. She watches in shock as it makes contact with a large hill and creates a huge fireball as it lands on the Earth. The force of its landing causes a shock-wave of energy that radiates outward, knocking into Vera and causing her pupils to enlarge significantly before she collapses onto the ground]

[In the desert of JUAREZ, MEXICO, the two federal agents have found a bundle of cocaine in the cartel members' vehicle while they continue to question Raul on the case while he cleans himself up]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: There's a lot more at the drop site, right?
RAUL: Along with some evidence that will put El Jefe away for good.
FEDERAL AGENT 1: Well, we gotta call in the location so we can get a team over there right away.

[FA 1 starts dialing a number into his phone when Raul suddenly senses something nearby. FA 2 begins to get nervous and reaches for his gun when Raul turns around, only to find the shock-wave of energy from the meteor has made it to them]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: Hey, my man. Hey, are you listening?

[The energy wave hits Raul, causing his pupils to be blown wide open before he collapses onto the ground like Vera did]

[In TUSCON, ARIZONA, Erin and Amy are driving in town in their car. Amy is eating a bowl full of "Cheesy Fish" crackers]

ERIN: Are those fishes delicious?
AMY: [nods] Can we go to Texas this summer? I've never been to Texas.
ERIN: You haven't been to a lot of places. You're six!
AMY: [rolls her eyes] I know.
ERIN: [laughs] Well, I do have a cousin in Houston...

[She looks over at Amy and raises her eyebrows at her, but Amy's demeanor becomes more serious]

AMY: I'm not going to Dad's anymore?
ERIN: [guiltily] No, sweetie.
AMY: Did he do something wrong again?

[Before Erin can respond, the car's radio starts to experience interference, and Amy leans over to turn the dial to find a station that works. Suddenly, all of the lights on the dashboard begin to flicker in and out, causing the car to malfunction. Confused, Erin looks out the driver's side window as she approaches an intersection to see the shock-wave of energy flowing toward her, and when it hits her, her pupils expand before her heart stops beating and she loses consciousness]

[At ARCHER HILLS HIGH SCHOOL-- LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, Peter is in his swimsuit and is preparing to start practicing for the swim team. He stands on the diving platform and puts on his goggles before jumping into the water. As he practices his butterfly stroke, the fluorescent lights overhead begin to flicker as the shock-wave of energy approaches them. The energy wave hits Peter while he's underwater, causing his pupils to dilate widely before his heart stops, and he floats motionlessly in the water]

[At the CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER-- HOUSTON, TEXAS, Joshua is still on stage giving his sermon]

JOSHUA: Before we all go our separate ways this afternoon, I pray that you may prosper in all things, just as you--

[He cuts himself off when he notices the lights flickering overhead, and his heart suddenly starts to pound loudly in his ears as he becomes dizzy, just before the same energy wave hits him and causes his pupils to dilate widely before he falls onto the floor. The audience collectively gasps in shock as Joshua's father and Charlotte jump to their feet and rush toward him]

SILBURN SR: [to a producer] Call 911! Get help!

[West of SOCORRO, NEW MEXICO, Alan, who has been watching the computer monitors this entire time, turns to show Vera]

ALAN: Vera!

[He realizes that she's left the van, and when he goes outside, he finds her laying unconscious on the ground and rushes over to help her]

ALAN: [worried] Vera! Hey, Vera! Hey! Wake up! [He shakes her by the shoulders, but she remains unconscious] No!

[He puts two fingers against her carotid artery, but when he doesn't feel a pulse, he starts to panic]

ALAN: [freaks out] God, no!

[He puts his head against her chest to listen for a heartbeat, and when he doesn't hear one, he rushes over to the van to call for help]

[Over at the METEOR SITE, there is a large, round, scorched patch of earth where the meteor hit that has left a huge hole in the hill where it landed. In the middle of the fiery rubble is a naked man whose skin is singed and burnt in some places and generally covered in ash and soot. He pants for breath as his skin starts to heal magically]


[Joshua's body has been laid on top of a table backstage while a teary-eyed Charlotte desperately tries to find a pulse in his neck]

CHARLOTTE: [distraught] Joshua!

[Silburn Sr. shouts an order to a producer before he runs over to Charlotte to check on her and his son]

SILBURN SR: [to the producer] Call 911! [He turns to Charlotte] What's going on?
CHARLOTTE: [tearfully] I don't think he has a pulse.


[The two federal agents are kneeling beside Raul's body, poking him in the arm and abdomen to try to wake him up]

FEDERAL AGENT 2: Maybe it was a heart attack?


[Alan has run back over to Vera's body with a defibrillator when her heart suddenly starts to pound loudly. She wakes up with a gasp and sits straight up]

VERA: [panicked] Michael!

[She realizes where she is and looks confused, but Alan sighs in relief]

ALAN: Vera! [He tries to catch his breath] You're okay!

[Vera shakes her head before pinching the bridge of her nose in confusion]

VERA: I'm fine. I'm fine. I must have been dehydrated.
ALAN: Okay, hold on. [He puts his hand on her shoulder] Just stay sitting. I called 911--
VERA: No, no! Call them back! I'm fine.
ALAN: [concerned] Are you sure?
VERA: Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine--
ALAN: [interrupts her] Because my name's Alan. When you woke up, you said Michael.

[Vera looks alarmed for a moment before shrugging it off and standing up onto her feet]

VERA: Look, we've got to figure out what the hell that was that fell over the horizon--
ALAN: [talks over her] --No, no, just take a second! I'm gonna grab you some water--
VERA: [determined] Let's go.

[She grabs Alan's shoulders and uses them to pull herself up onto her feet before rushing toward the van]


[Firefighters are at the intersection where Erin was hit by the energy wave, which presumably caused her to stop her car and subsequently get hit by oncoming traffic. Erin is still unconscious while the firefighters are pulling her out of the wreckage and put her body on a stretcher]

MEDIC: Is she breathing? What are her vitals?
FIREFIGHTER 1: Nothing. She's gone.

[They're about to wheel her over to the ambulance when Erin suddenly awakens with a gasp and sits up in the stretcher, startling everyone around her]

FIREFIGHTER 2: Don't move! Don't move! Do you know where you are, ma'am?
ERIN: My daughter! Where's Amy?

[Despite the firefighters' best efforts to keep her seated, Erin pushes out of their grip and starts running toward the ambulance]

ERIN: [panicked] Where's my daughter? Where is she?

[The ambulance drives away, and the firefighters have to hold her back to prevent her from running after it]

ERIN: [distraught] AMYYYYYY!

[Inside the ambulance, the driver is calling in Amy's status to the hospital so they can prepare]

AMBULANCE DRIVER: Female in critical condition, coming through.

[Erin continues to struggle against the grip of the firefighters]

ERIN: [overwhelmed] Let go of me! AMY! AMY!


[At the high school's swimming pool, Peter's body has just been pulled out of the water, and the lifeguard is desperately trying to perform CPR on him while other students and faculty members surround them]

MAN: [shouts] We need some help!

[Suddenly, Peter returns to consciousness and begins to cough up water. The lifeguard quickly turns him onto his side, where he continues to cough and sputter water until his lungs are empty. As he gasps for breath, he seems extremely concerned by this turn of events]


[The federal agents have just loaded up the bodies of the dead cartel members into the truck the drug smugglers arrived in]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: Let's go.

[The turn around to find that Raul is both alive and awake, and is standing on his feet, looking confused and unnerved by their behavior]

FEDERAL AGENT 2: What the hell?
RAUL: [gasps for breath] What happened?
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [exasperated] We thought you were dead!

[FA 1 looks at FA 2 in concern, when suddenly, a high-pitched noise pierces Raul's eardrums, causing him to grab his head in pain. Suddenly, Raul is able to hear the agents' thoughts inside his own mind]

RAUL: [groans in pain] Ahhh!
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [concerned] You alright, there?
FEDERAL AGENT 2'S THOUGHTS: Remember the training-- it's three to the chest.

[Raul, even more confused, looks up to see both agents gaping at him in shock and fear]

FEDERAL AGENT 1: What's wrong, buddy?
RAUL: [overwhelmed] Uh, it's just a headache...
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [kindly] Now, you're alright, it's just been a tough day.

[Raul hears the high-pitched noise again and once again grabs his head in pain as he starts to hear the man's thoughts once more]

FEDERAL AGENT 2'S THOUGHTS: Isabelle. You're doing this for you. Three to the chest

[Raul looks at the agents suspiciously as he regains his bearings]

RAUL: ...Who's Isabelle?
FEDERAL AGENT 1: Isabelle? What are you talking about?

[FA 2 becomes worried and instantly grabs his gun from its holster and aims it at Raul, who holds his hands up in a non-threatening gesture]

FEDERAL AGENT 2: She's my wife! How the hell do you know her name?
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [alarmed] Whoa, slow down! Slow down. We're on the same team here.
RAUL: [puts the pieces together] You're gonna kill me, aren't you? Three shots to the chest, right?
FEDERAL AGENT 1: [anxiously] No. Nobody's killing anybody.

[Nevertheless, FA 1 reaches for the gun in his hip holster while FA 2 takes another step toward Raul]

FEDERAL AGENT 2: He knows, what does it matter? [He glares at Raul] Yeah, we're gonna kill you--

[He rushes toward Raul and aims the gun at his chest, but Raul easily grabs the gun from his grip and pulls him in a headlock. Raul aims the gun at FA 2's chest and holds his body close to him to use him as a shield against FA 1, who now has his own gun drawn at Raul]

RAUL: You don't wanna do this! You just let me go--
FEDERAL AGENT 2: No, don't do it!

[FA 1 looks conflicted for a moment before firing two shots at Raul, both of which hit and kill FA 2. FA 1 shoots a third shot that hits Raul in the shoulder, but Raul just drops FA 2's body and uses his gun to kill him as well. Once the agents have both collapsed onto the ground, Raul looks horrified by what he's just done and tries to figure out what to do next]


[Joshua is still laying on the table backstage in the church when he suddenly awakens with a gasp and sits up. Charlotte and Silburn Sr. are both gathered around him, looking worried and relieved]

CHARLOTTE: [tearfully] Baby! Baby! What happened? Are you okay? Hey, talk to me! Baby, what's wrong? What happened? Talk to me.
SILBURN SR: [stunned] We thought you were gone.
JOSHUA: [shaken] I need to make a broadcast. Tonight.
SILBURN SR: [smiles] Anything, son. We must share our miracle.

[Joshua continues to look shaken and uneasy as he gasps and catches his breath]


[Erin is pacing around the lobby of the emergency room while she awaits news about Amy. After a moment, she sees a doctor at the nurse's station and rushes over to her]

ERIN: [desperately] Excuse me... Can you please tell me what's going on?
DOCTOR: [sympathetically] She's still in surgery. We'll know something soon.

[Erin, near tears, looks as though she has more to say, but the doctor walks away before she can respond. She begins to pace around, just as her ex-husband Ronnie, Amy's father, rushes toward her in his police officer's uniform]

RONNIE: [furiously] Where the hell is she? Where's Amy?
ERIN: [frightened] It was an accident-- It was--
RONNIE: [scoffs] Nothing's ever your fault, is it?

[Erin looks at him in shock and betrayal, and tries not to burst into tears]

ERIN: Our daughter is in here, and this is what you do?
RONNIE: [yells] You did this! You did this-- she's in here because of you!

[The nurses at the nurse's station take notice of this increasingly-louder argument, but try their best not to look as though they're eavesdropping]

RONNIE: The police report's gonna say you were drinking. Again.
ERIN: [horrified] But that's not true!
RONNIE: It's true if I say it's true.
ERIN: [angrily] Don't do this, Ronnie--
RONNIE: [cuts her off] I swear to God, Erin, if she dies?

[He raises his fist, but when he realizes all of the nurses are watching him, he stops talking and walks away without another word. Once's he's gone, Erin finally breaks down into tears]


[After Peter's near-drowning, he walks down the hall while he talks to the school's guidance counselor, who seems worried about him]

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: So, I know high school can be a difficult time, Peter. You sometimes feel... hopeless.
PETER: [exasperatedly] Hopeless?
GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Yeah. About the present, or the future.
PETER: [confused] Is this how you interrogate people who almost drown?
GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: [hesitates] Your previous suicide attempt is in your file, Peter.

[Peter sighs in embarrassment and annoyance]

PETER: That was a long time ago, and it doesn't have anything to do with today.

[The guidance counselor looks at him, clearly skeptical of his story]

PETER: I was swimming, and the next thing I know, I was coughing up water. That's the end of it. [He sighs and stops walking] I have practice tomorrow. Early.
GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: We'll need to notify one of your parents-- then, you can go.
PETER: [annoyed] Notify the group foster home... where I live.

[The guidance counselor looks shocked and taken aback]

PETER: [sarcastically] Or, is that not in my file?

[Peter gives the counselor one last glare before he leaves, and the guidance counselor watches him go with concern]


[On a road near where the meteor hit, the man who was found inside the meteor, who is now fully healed, though still naked, has come upon a mechanic who has come to pick up a broken down car with a tow truck. The mechanic, Johnny, takes one look at the man and immediately covers his eyes and looks away before laughing in embarrassment and disgust and pulling out his cell phone]

JOHNNY: I'm definitely calling the cops, bro.

[Johnny is in the middle of dialing a number on the phone when the man begins to speak]

THE MAN: I've found myself in need of some clothes...
JOHNNY: [nervously] Not sure I can help you.
THE MAN: [smiles] But, I insist.


[Alan and Vera are driving toward the meteor site in Alan's SUV while Vera talks to someone on the phone]

VERA: [on the phone] I totally understand completely. Yes, absolutely. Thanks.

[She hangs up the phone and lays it on the console before talking to Alan]

VERA: That was so strange...
ALAN: [concerned] What?
VERA: Houston says they've got it under control. I mean, they're seven hundred miles away!
ALAN: [calmly] So, maybe they know something we don't?
VERA: It's a meteor event! I mean, it's definitely our territory!
ALAN: Well, if it is a meteor, then, you know, it'll still be there tomorrow.
VERA: Alan, the energy of the impact knocked me out. That's weird!
ALAN: [frowns] Did I just try to advise caution? I'm sorry. My mistake.
VERA: [sighs] Whatever it is, we're gonna be the ones to find it.

[Vera smiles at Alan, who still seems worried. As they drive down the road, they pass the tow-truck where Johnny was getting ready to jumpstart the broken down car. However, now the man from the meteor is dressed in Johnny's mechanic's jumpsuit and is using a rag to wipe the residual soot and ash from his face]

[After the break, the scene returns to the SUV, in which Vera and Alan continue to drive toward the meteor site. Alan, who is driving, turns to look at Vera with concern]

ALAN: You know what, Vera? When I first got to you back there... Maybe it was just me being panicked, but I couldn't find your pulse.
VERA: [smiles] My heart's still beating, obviously.
ALAN: [awkwardly] No, I can see that. It's just, you know, it was just still pretty scary.

[Vera seems touched by his concern, but she's quickly distracted by the news report on the radio, and leans forward to turn it up]

VERA: Wait, shhh.
RADIO NEWS REPORTER: ...Weird hiccups in the electrical fields this afternoon. Government sources are telling us that you can thank a giant solar flare for a burst of radiation, which disrupted radio signals across America today, causing cell phones, computers, and various small electronic devices to go on the fritz. Currently, it's three o'clock on your news leader...

[Vera scoffs at this news and gives Alan and incredulous look]

VERA: What? It wasn't a solar flare! And what government sources? We're the government sources! [Frustrated, Vera turns off the radio] I mean, who told the news it was a solar flare?
ALAN: Why are you looking at me? I was with you the whole time.
VERA: It definitely made impact. Why didn't they just say that it was a meteor?
ALAN: [smiles widely] Please tell me it's aliens.
VERA: No. Not again. Seriously?
ALAN: [feigns offense] A guy mistakes a drone for a UFO one time and he loses all credibility?
VERA: [smiles] I'm turning up the radio.

[She turns up the radio, and the two listen to the music in silence]


[Raul is near a river, where he has just finished washing himself off, ditching his bloody clothes, and wrapping up the wound from where he was shot in the arm with some torn strips of cloth. He has also dug up a bundle of fresh clothes that were wrapped in a tarp and hidden nearby, and he quickly changes into the clothes. Once he's dressed, he briefly takes a moment to catch his breath before he continues moving on]


[Alan and Vera finally arrive to just outside of the meteor landing site. When they get out of the vehicle, Vera is distracted by looking up something on her phone, so she doesn't notice Alan's surprise and shock when he sees a wooden sign right next to where they parked]

ALAN: [nervously] Vera, do you know where we are?

[Vera still hasn't looked up from her phone, where she has looked up their coordinates on the GPS program]

VERA: [reads aloud] 33.6773' north, 106.4754' west. We know exactly where we are.

[Alan is too busy reading the wooden sign in front of him, which reads: "TRINITY SITE-- The world's first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945 at the Trinity Site, on the historic Jornada del Muerto north end. It marked the beginning of the nuclear age, and the culmination of the Manhattan Project. The site, now part of the White Sands Missile Range, is now closed to the public]

ALARN: [warily] That's not what I meant.

[Vera finally starts paying attention and walks over to where Alan is standing so she can read the sign for herself]

VERA: Trinity?
ALAN: So, we're saying that a meteor just happened to land at the exact spot where the first nuclear bomb was tested?

[Before he can say anything else, Vera immediately starts running up the hill so she can see the actual landing site for herself, and Alan is completely exasperated by her behavior that day]

ALAN: [sighs] Vera! [He starts to chase after her] Okay, maybe we shouldn't just run up the-- [He starts panting for breath] Okay, just hold on a second--

[He and Vera finally make it up the hill, and they gasp in surprise when they see the still burning and smoldering remains of the impact]

ALAN: [stunned] This is incredible!
VERA: [smiles] You're telling me!

[They move so they are standing on the rim of the huge crater left by the meteor]

VERA: Whoa! [She taps a molten rock with the toe of her shoe] The sand is melted from extreme heat!
ALAN: Feels like tektite.

[Vera hesitantly walks forward, continuing to test the temperature of the molten sand and rock with her foot]

VERA: That's what I'm thinking!
ALAN: And that smell...
VERA: Definitely sulfur.
ALAN: Exactly.

[Vera kneels and picks up a black, jagged stone from the ground]

VERA: That, plus melting? Suggests it was a meteor.

[She tosses the rock to Alan, who catches it and examines it closely. After a moment, he sighs in confusion]

ALAN: Yeah, but doesn't the location Trinity feel like... a little too convenient? No?
VERA: Like, what? You think it was aimed, like a weapon?
ALAN: I mean, it's either another weapons test, or someone is trying to make a point.
VERA: Yeah, but we traced the trajectory! It didn't come from Earth. Look, this is something that someone didn't want us to know about.

[Before Alan can respond, they both hear the sounds of a helicopter being flown directly over their heads. When the two turn to investigate, they a second helicopter, along with half a dozen military vehicles filled with Army personnel, headed straight for their location. They quickly park their vehicles and depart so they can decide what to do next, and though Alan looks alarmed, Vera mostly looks frustrated]

ALAN: [sarcastically] What makes you say that?


[At the CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER-- HOUSTON, TEXAS, Joshua is on the stage at his family's mega-church, but there is no one in the audience, nor is there anyone else on stage with him. Several producers are watching him pace on stage as he prepares to begin his televised address to the congregation. When the "record" light blinks on the camera, Joshua stops pacing and begins to speak with a somber expression]

JOSHUA: This is a special broadcast. At 4:10 PM today, on live television, I, Joshua Silburn Jr, died.

[Silburn Sr. walks into the auditorium to watch his son speak and seems to be nervous]

JOSHUA: I died... and yet, here I am. Why?

[At TUSCON MEDICAL CENTER-- TUSCON, ARIZONA, Amy is finally out of surgery, and the doctor brings an anxious Erin into her room to check on her. Amy's on an oxygen tank, she has a large bandage wrapped around her forehead, and her face is bruised and cut-up from the car accident. At the sight of her, Erin instantly breaks down in tears and rushes over to where her daughter is laying unconscious]

ERIN: [sobs] Amy! No!

[She sits down at Amy's bedside and gently hugs Amy as tightly as she can without hurting her]

ERIN: [sobs] Oh my God, sweetie!

[In LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, Peter has just arrived to Lindsay's party, where he runs into Sam and his fellow bully friends outside of the house. The guys are all laughing and joking around until they see Peter and immediately approach him so they can continue to taunt him]

SAM: [smiles] Look who we got here!

[One of the bullies gets in Peter's face and backs him into a nearby car]

BULLY 1: Where are you going, man?
SAM: Hey, Petey! Wanna party?

[A second bully shoves Peter in the back toward Sam]

BULLY 2: Get in there!
PETER: [groans] Ahhh!

[Peter stops himself before he accidentally runs into Sam and holds up his hands defensively]

PETER: [anxiously] Look, Sam, I don't want any trouble.
SAM: I told you-- next time I see you, you're dead.
BULLY 2: Yeah, man!

[Sam pulls back his fist and punches Peter in the face]

SAM: [grunts] Ugh!
BULLIES 1 & 2: Whoa!

[Peter looks flustered as Sam starts punching Peter in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain and giving Sam the opportunity to hit him in the face several more times in a row]

SAM: [angrily] Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Peter falls backwards onto the driveway, and Sam and his bully friends start to circle around him]

[At the CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER, Joshua is continuing to address the congregation on live television]

JOSHUA: I have seen such things that would make your blood freeze.

[Joshua continues his speech in voiceover as the scene cuts between the various characters]

[In LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, Sam and the bullies continue to beat Peter up outside of Lindsay's party]

BULLY 1: Kick his ass!
JOSHUA: [voiceover] I have had visions of the future.

[At TUSCON MEDICAL CENTER-- TUSCON, ARIZONA, Erin continues to cry over Amy's unconscious body. Her tears start to fall onto the stitched up and bruising laceration on her forehead, Erin leans over to kiss her on the top of her head]

[In LITTLE ROCK, ARIZONA, the two bullies have grabbed Peter by the arm and are holding him so Sam can better beat him up]

SAM: [aggressively] Say you're gay.

[Peter glares at him, but remains silent]

SAM: Say it!

[Peter spits in Sam's face, which only makes him more angry as he wipes it off with his fingers. Sam punches Peter so hard in the face that the bullies are forced to let go of him so he can fall backward on the ground]

[At the CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER, Joshua is continuing his sermon, and Silburn Sr. seems appalled by what his son is saying onstage]

JOSHUA: The wheels of Revelation have begun to turn! There will be chaos, and war, and what we do now will mean everything.

[Joshua continues to speak in voiceover. In LITTLE ROCK, Peter is rolling on the driveway, both coughing and laughing as he pulls himself up onto his feet]

JOSHUA: [voiceover] For the great day of His wrath has come!

[As Peter stands, the bullies start to look worriedly at Sam, who seems to have a bad feeling about where this fight is going]

[At CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER, Joshua continues his speech while his father watches from the audience]

JOSHUA: And who shall be able to stand? Heed my words, or perish!

[Silburn Sr. looks furious and turns to the director to cut the feed]

SILBURN SR: Cut him off!
DIRECTOR: Sir, it's going live..
SILBURN SR: [glares] End it!

[The director hits a button on the equipment, which stops airing the footage on television. However, Joshua is unaware of any of this, and finishes his speech]

JOSHUA: For I am a Messenger of God.

[The overhead lights suddenly shut off, and Joshua looks up at the ceiling in confusion]

[In LITTLE ROCK, Sam is beginning to look scared as Peter stands to his full height, revealing that blood is covering the bottom half of his face as a result of Sam punching him in the nose]

PETER: [aggressively] Hey, Sam.

[Peter lunges for Sam and starts punching him with alternative right and left cross punches, not giving Sam a chance to react before he hits him again. Sam's bully friends start to look alarmed as Peter starts channeling more and more of his frustration and anger into beating Sam senseless]

[At TUSCON MEDICAL CENTER, Erin is continuing to sob desperately over Amy's unconscious body, until finally, her wounds start to heal enough so that she awakens and begins to stir. After a moment, she opens her eyes and looks both surprised and confused to find her mother bawling next to her]

AMY: [tiredly] Why am I here?

[Erin lifts her head in shock and looks at Amy, and though her bruises and lacerations have already started to heal, Erin is too overwhelmed to notice]

[In LITTLE ROCK, Peter has just grabbed Sam into a one-handed choke-hold, and demonstrates a supernatural-level of strength to the point that he easily lifts Sam's entire body up into the air while the party continues to obliviously rage on inside. Finally, Peter loses his temper completely and throws Sam several feet through the air, where he lands on top of a car with so much force that Sam breaks through the windshield]

PETER: [enraged] ARGHHHHH!

[The impact has caused the car alarm to go off, and Sam's friends are so terrified that they run away without even checking on him]


[At TUSCON MEDICAL CENTER, Erin is so relieved to see Amy away that she can't believe her eyes]

ERIN: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, honey!

[Amy tries to sit up, but Erin immediately stops her]

ERIN: [sniffles] No, no, sweetie. Listen, you have to stay down, okay? You're very hurt. You're hurt, okay?

[Amy gives Erin a confused look and pulls the bandage off of her head]

AMY: Where?

[Erin watches in shock as the last of the cuts and bruises on her face heal and vanish completely, as though she was never injured at all. Erin is still absolutely stunned and caresses Amy's face with her hands]

ERIN: Oh, my God! You're not hurting or anything?
AMY: [worried] Mom, what's going on?

[Erin is so relieved that she starts to laugh through her tears until she realizes that they're still in a hospital. She looks out the window and sees that Ronnie is gone and that the nurses are all busy and gets an idea]

AMY: I wanna go.

[Erin turns back to Amy]

ERIN: Come on, baby. Let's get you out of here.

[The scene cuts to the hallway, where Erin is carrying Amy, who is still in her hospital gown, in her arms. Erin looks around to make sure no one is paying attention to them, and when she turns a corner, a mirror on the wall catches their reflection and reveals that Erin has a large pair of translucent, blue-white angel wings coming out of her back. However, they are invisible to the naked eye]

[In LITTLE ROCK, the still-bloodied and horrified Peter goes over to check on Sam, who is still laying motionlessly inside the shattered windshield of the car he landed on. When Peter walks up to the car, he catches the sight of his reflection in the passenger window and realizes that he, too, has a large pair of otherwise-invisible angel wings sprouting from the middle of his back. Stunned, he stares at himself and Sam and looks overwhelmed]


[After the break, the scene returns to Vera and Alan, who are still at the meteor landing site where a huge crew of Army soldiers and military scientists have arrived to start processing the scene. However, Vera and Alan have been blocked from the site by several soldiers, and are forced to wait on the sidelines]

ALAN: [sighs] How long have we been here?
VERA: [annoyed] Two hours and forty-seven minutes.

[They both look as though they're very unhappy about being made to wait and not touch anything, and Alan scoffs in exhaustion. Vera, out of patience, walks over to a nearby Army soldier, armed with an automatic rifle, to talk to him]

VERA: Why are we being held here? Can you tell me that?

[The soldier remains silent, but after a moment, a male voice calls out to Vera]

ARMY LEADER: My apologies, Doctor. [Vera and Alan turn to face him] You can go.
VERA: Are you finally allowing us to leave?

[Alan turns to Vera and gives her a significant look, clearly anxious]

ALAN: Yep, and maybe we should go--
VERA: [ignores him] My associate and I were tracking the interplanetary object that made impact here this afternoon. This is our site as much as it is anyone else's.
ARMY LEADER: [sternly] It's for your own safety. You could have been exposed to environmental toxins.

[Alan laughs sarcastically, but Vera continues to speak and does not look amused]

VERA: Do you mean from the solar flare, or some other cover story? [The military leader remains silent] What is it that you're hiding?

[The man continues to say nothing, which makes Alan even more anxious. Vera points at the scientists in hazardous-materials suits who are bringing out equipment to study the landing site]

VERA: You see that? They're taking core samples! I need to be a part of this! This could be a very important scientific site!
MILITARY LEADER: Sargent Andrews will escort you to your car.
VERA: [determinedly] I'm not leaving! Take me to Guantanamo, whatever-whatever you have to do, but I'm not leaving here without answers.

[Sargent Andrews has just joined the leader, and Alan finally steps in to mediate]

ALAN: [to Vera] Okay, don't say Guantanamo. [He turns to the leader] Okay, maybe we should just go. We're gonna go.

[He grabs Vera by the arm]

ALAN: Vera. We should go.

[Alan grabs her by the arm and pulls her away, and two other Army soldiers follow them to the car]

ALAN: Antagonize the guys with guns? It's no wonder you get shot.


[Ronnie has just returned to the hospital to see Amy, but when he walks into her hospital room, he finds that she's gone. Looking furious, he turns and walks to the nurse's station for answers]

RONNIE: Hey! Hey, excuse me!

[He catches the attention of a doctor checking a computer behind the desk and points to the hospital room]

RONNIE: Where's the girl that was in that room? Amy Calder? Where is she?

[The doctor looks confused and leans forward to check the room, and when she realizes that it's empty, she starts to panic]

DOCTOR: ...I don't know.
RONNIE: [angrily] What do you mean, you don't know? Where is she? [The doctor remains silent] Where's my daughter?

[The doctor quickly grabs the nearby phone to make a call, and Ronnie furiously pounds his fist on the desktop before walking away]


[The party continues to rage on inside the house when Peter enters the front door, looking terrified. When his fellow students see him with blood all over his face from his fight, they all stop to watch him as he makes his way through the house. Finally, Alice sees him wandering around and catches up with him]

ALICE: [confused] Peter?

[She grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around to face him, and his horrified by the blood covering his nose and mouth]

ALICE: [worried] What happened to you?

[A crowd of people have congregated nearby, and one girl yells at him from across the room]

GIRL: Why are you walking around like that?
ALICE: [to Peter] Let's go outside.

[She takes him onto the back patio, where she helps him clean the blood from his face]

ALICE: [concerned] Do we need to call an ambulance?
PETER: It's not as bad as it looks.
ALICE: Who did this to you? Was it Sam? [Peter remains silent] Peter, we have to call the cops, we can't let him get away--
PETER: [talks over her] --Stop--
ALICE: --with this.

[Peter looks sad as he looks at Alice's clearly scared face, and he hesitates a moment before he speaks]

PETER: ...He's dead.
ALICE: [horrified] What do you mean, he's dead? Peter, what are you talking about?

[As she looks at him, she realizes he's telling the truth]

ALICE: Well... it was self-defense.
PETER: [sadly] I have to leave here, Alice.

[Alice starts to interrupt him, and they end up talking over each other]

ALICE: You can come to my house for the night. My mom, she--
PETER: [interrupts her] --No, I mean--
ALICE: --She won't say anything...
PETER: --leave.
ALICE: [shakes her head] No.
PETER: You can't save me from this... Something's happening to me.

[Alice can't find the words to speak, and looks as though she's about to cry. Peter looks at her quietly before he kisses her. They begin to make out for a long moment before they pull apart at the sound of sirens approaching the house. Peter, who still has his arm around Alice, turns her around to say goodbye]

PETER: I am confused about everything, but I know how I feel about you.

[He gives her a weak smile before he turns and runs away, leaving a crying Alice behind]


[Alan and Vera have just pulled in front of the radio-astronomy satellite dish where they were earlier in the day, but they remain seated for a moment before Vera gets ready to leave and head home in her own truck]

VERA: [sighs] Look, I'll make some calls. We'll go back tomorrow. We need to get samples.
ALAN: [smiles] Well, we can do that, or--

[He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a decently-sized piece of the rock from the meteor that he found at the site]

ALAN: --I swiped this from the impact site. [Vera laughs happily and takes the rock] You can thank me later!
VERA: [happily] Great! Now I owe you.
ALAN: [smiles] Yeah. You owe me a lot.

[Vera examines the rock carefully, and Alan points out features while he talks]

ALAN: You see the striations? If we can identify those impurities, we can figure out what this is! [He pauses for a moment] You sure you don't want me to drive you home?

[Vera smiles at him kindly, but Alan looks concerned]

VERA: [whispers] No.
ALAN: Because I worry about you. [Vera frowns in confusion] Yeah, and not only because the emotional detachment, and specifically about the passing out. [They both laugh] Not to mention, who is this Michael guy?

[Alan looks over at Vera, but when he sees her smile fall uncomfortably, he realizes that he went too far]

ALAN: I'm sorry, maybe that was--
VERA: [interrupts him] He's someone that has been gone a long time. You don't need to worry about me, okay?
ALAN: [nods] Okay.

[She smiles at him before leaning in to give him a hug]

VERA: Goodnight, Alan.

[She accidentally hits him in the neck with her hand in the process, and she laughs]

VERA: Oops, sorry!

[After their embrace, they pull away, and Vera gets out of the car and heads to her truck]


[At the church, Joshua is on stage all alone, watching as the player piano's keys automatically play a slow and somber tune. After a moment, he's joined by his father, Silburn Sr., who looks unhappy as he flips the switch to the piano and causes it to stop playing]

SILBURN SR: This episode you had... was very traumatic, I know. But, it's no excuse. We counsel hope, not fire and brimstone.
JOSHUA: I have a new message.
SILBURN SR: What you're saying could bring us down.
JOSHUA: This has nothing to do with you--

[Silburn Sr. loses his temper and angrily raises his voice as he interrupts Joshua]

SILBURN SR: The hell it doesn't! This new message of yours? If you continue this sacrilege, you will not be welcome in my church.

[Joshua reaches out and wraps his hand around his father's closed fist, squeezing it tightly]

JOSHUA: [calmly] It's not your church. [Silburn Sr. gives him an appalled glare] It's God's church.

[Silburn Sr. glares at his son and turns to walk away]

SILBURN SR: So be it.

[As Silburn Sr. walks off the stage, the camera pans out and reveals that Joshua has been filmed on stage this whole time by one of the church's video cameras. In the footage, Joshua's large, translucent blueish-white angel wings can be seen coming out of his back]


[Vera has just pulled into the driveway of her house in her truck and heads inside. Once there, she settles into a chair in the living with a bottle of beer and continues to examine the rock Alan stole from the meteor landing site. After she takes a sip of her beer, she notices the sound of wind blowing, and realizes that the kitchen window is wide open. Unnerved, she walks into her bedroom and sees her laptop is open with a video already playing on it. Before she can investigate further, a lamp is suddenly turned on, revealing that the man who fell with the meteor, still wearing the auto mechanic's jumpsuit that he stole, has been waiting for her]

THE MAN: I figured you needed some light.

[Vera becomes so scared that she reaches into the drawer of her bedside table and pulls out a gun, which she immediately aims at him]

VERA: [terrified] This is loaded-- don't move.

[The man just smiles at her condescendingly, clearly amused by her response]

THE MAN: I don't need to move. You'll come to me.

[After the break, we return to the scene to find Vera still aiming her handgun at the man]

VERA: [angrily] What do you want?
THE MAN: [calmly] You've been chosen, Vera.

[Vera glares at him and takes a step in his direction]

VERA: Look, I don't know what you think you're gonna get-- [She looks at the name badge on his mechanic's jumper] --Johnny--
THE MAN: [interrupts her] That isn't my name. These clothes were... a gift.
VERA: Then who are you?
THE MAN: Who I am doesn't matter. What matters is what I know.

[Vera reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her phone with her left hand while she continues to aim her gun at him with the right]

VERA: I'm calling the cops.
THE MAN: It's about your son.

[Vera immediately stops dialing a phone number and looks at him in shock and anger]

VERA: What do you know about my son?
THE MAN: Look at your computer. [Vera doesn't move, her gun still aimed at him] Look at it.

[Curiosity and fear finally overwhelm Vera enough that she puts her phone away and sits on her bed to look at the video playing on the laptop. When she's so stunned to see the video of her son running around a park that she finally lowers her gun so she can get a closer look, the man smiles devilishly]

VERA: [gasps] Michael!

[The man rises to his feet and starts to pace around the room while Vera continues to look at the video]

THE MAN: That's from just last week.

[Vera has broken down into sobs as she stares at the footage]

VERA: [tearfully] He's alive! He's alive!

[She reaches out and touches the laptop screen, where Michael is running around in a football/soccer jersey in an attempt to connect with him physically]

VERA: Michael! Michael!
THE MAN: He's grown up, hasn't he? I know who took him. I know why.

[Vera pushes down her tears and once again rises to her feet, aiming her gun at him aggressively]

VERA: [furiously] Then you tell me! You tell me who took him! What did you do to him?

[In her anger, Vera's translucent, bluish-white angel wings become visible and spread out widely. At the sight of them, the man smirks at her]

THE MAN: Don't worry, angel. I can tell you where to find your son-- you just need to finish a job for me, first.


[Joshua has just walked into his father's office in the church, where he finds his wife Charlotte sobbing loudly. Joshua looks at her with concern as he approaches her, not noticing right away that Silburn Sr. is also in the room]

JOSHUA: Honey, what's wrong?

[Joshua takes Charlotte's hand and squeezes it, and turns when he hears the sound of his father's voice behind him]

SILBURN SR: Joshua... we need to talk.

[Charlotte looks distraught and guilty as she rises to her feet to look Joshua in the eyes, which makes Joshua visibly anxious, especially when Silburn Sr. comes up behind her and places a hand on Charlotte's shoulder]

JOSHUA: [uneasily] What is this...?

[Charlotte looks as though she's about to speak, but she loses her nerve]

SILBURN SR: Try to see it as a blessing. For all of us.
JOSHUA: [concerned] Charlotte, what's he talking about?
CHARLOTTE: [cries] ...You were on retreat... And I was weak, and he tried to comfort me...

[Charlotte is unable to finish because she has broken down into sobs, so Silburn Sr. comes up behind her and wraps his arm around her shoulders while Joshua looks at them both in confusion, not wanting to believe what they're saying]

SILBURN SR: Whether the baby's your son, or your brother-- he's still family.

[Charlotte begins to bawl even harder, and Joshua is visibly horrified, betrayed, and disgusted by what he's just learned. Unable to process this new information, Joshua silently backs away, and Charlotte tries to follow him]

CHARLOTTE: [tearfully] I'm so sorry!

[She reaches for his hand, but he yanks it out of her grip and rushes out of the room, slamming the door behind him]


[A truck as just pulled into a gas station near Tuscon, where it parks in front of a gas pump to fill up their tank. The truck bed is covered with a tarp, and after a moment, a hand reaches out from under it and opens the back of the truck from the outside, revealing that Raul had slipped into the truck to get across the border. He crawls out and groans in pain as he grips his shot and still-bleeding arm while he figures out his next move]

[He then goes into the gas station's restroom to clean himself up and call his brother, Cesar. His shirt is half-off, and it's clear that his injured arm, which has been tied up with strips of a tshirt, is not doing well as he leaves his brother a voicemail]

RAUL: [on the phone] Cesar. It's Raul. Yo, you gotta give me a call as soon as you get this, man. Some bad stuff's going down, and it's-- [He stops speaking for a moment and sighs] Try to lay low, okay?

[Raul hangs up the phone and starts panting in exhaustion before returning to tending to his injured arm. He turns toward the restroom's mirror. He examines the gunshot wound in his bicep and groans in pain and starts to tighten the makeshift tourniquet, not noticing when the pain causes his own translucent, bluish-white angel wings to emerge. When he looks up again, the wings are gone]

RAUL: [groans] UGH! UGH!

[Back in the gas station, Erin and Amy have just arrived to the store, where they're heading inside for snacks]

ERIN: Are you sure you're okay? You don't feel funny?
AMY: Mom, I keep saying I'm fine!

[Erin puts her arm around Amy and walks with her toward the cashier's check-out]

ERIN: Okay, okay. You want something to eat? Some Delicious Fishes?

[Amy shakes her head exasperatedly, and Erin smiles before she pulls out her wallet to pay. Just then, Raul walks into the store as well and starts looking through the shelves for snacks. He doesn't notice right away that there's a news alert on the television above the front counter with his mugshots on it, which reads, "NEWS ALERT-- SUSPECT WANTED. Height: 5'11, Weight: 170 lbs, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown. Police Ask For Help In Locating Suspect." Amy watches the television with interest while Erin finishes paying]

CASHIER: [to Erin] Thank you.

[Raul starts sneaking snacks, such as packets of beef jerky and chips, into his inner jacket pocket, and when Amy turns around, she notices that Raul is the man from the news report. Raul notices that Amy is watching him steal food, and he smiles at her, but she continues to stare at him until Erin turns around and leads her to the door]

ERIN: [to Amy] Let's go!

[When Amy continues to watch Raul, Erin puts her arm around her]

ERIN: [kindly] Hey, come on, let's go!

[Raul stares at the label of a package of beef jerky to try to cover for the fact that he was planning to shoplift, and when he catches Erin's eye on her way out, she smiles at him amiably. It's not until they've left the store that he realizes his face is on the news as a wanted suspect, and his eyes widen in alarm before he quickly puts down the snacks and flees the building]

[Outside, he sees Erin and Amy still in their running car and quickly gets into the backseat and holds up a gun, his injured arm still bleeding down onto his hand]

ERIN: [scared] What are you do--
RAUL: [sighs] You stay calm, you stay quiet. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm not gonna hurt your little girl. I just need a ride, and then I'm gonna let you go.

[Erin looks terrified, and Amy looks alarmed as Raul continues to point a gun at Erin's seat]

RAUL: Nod, you agree, okay? Nod, you agree, okay?

[Erin nods fearfully in agreement]

RAUL: Okay. Shhh. Go. Go, go, go. Drive.

[Erin, breathing quickly in fear, puts the car into gear and pulls out of the parking spot and starts to drive]


[Back in Vera's kitchen, she and the man from the meteor are still talking about what he wants her to do to find her son]

THE MAN: It should be easy. She's already basically dead. She has been for seven years. Killing her will be a mercy.
VERA: [horrified] This is crazy! You realize you're insane? Why do you want this?
THE MAN: [offended] If you had the chance to kill a mass murderer, would you take it?
VERA: [scared] What are you saying? W-What is she?
THE MAN: She's a threat.
VERA: To who? To you?
THE MAN: To everything.
VERA: The do it yourself!
THE MAN: I can find someone else.

[He turns to walk away, but Vera, afraid for her son, picks up her gun and stands up to aim it at him again]

VERA: Wait! Just stop! Take another step, and I swear--

[The man makes a face before turning and smirking at her]

THE MAN: You swear? You swear what? You won't kill me! Because killing me kills your son. It kills the only possibility of seeing him again.

[He shakes his head in disagreement and puts his hand over the gun to lower it]

THE MAN: I am your only hope.


[Erin, Amy, and Raul are still driving. Erin looks angry, but Amy doesn't seem to be scared, and turns around so she can look at Raul]

RAUL: [smiles] Don't be scared.
AMY: I'm not.

[Erin looks over at Amy in alarm]

RAUL: Good. I didn't think so. You're pretty tough. My brother has a little girl, just like you. Her name's Nadia.
AMY: [confused] Where are we going?
ERIN: [frustrated] Honey, don't talk to him.
AMY: Why not?

[Erin, speechless, looks back in her rearview mirror at Raul, who looks guilty for what he's doing to them]

RAUL: Houston. We're gonna go to Houston.
AMY: That's lucky.
RAUL: [amused] That's lucky?
ERIN: [overwhelmed] Honey, don't--

[Amy ignores her mother and turns around so she can see Raul better]

AMY: We were going there anyways. It's lucky you picked us.
ERIN: [aggravated] Amy, what did I just say? [Amy looks at her in confusion] Stop talking to him and do your drawing.

[Amy reluctantly leans forward and pulls out her crayons and coloring book, and Erin, still looking stressed and anxious, keeps her eyes on the road while Raul watches them in concern. After a moment, Amy turns around again to look at Raul]

AMY: [curiously] Why are you going to Houston?
RAUL: [sadly] Nadia and her daddy are in Houston.

[Erin seems surprised by this answer, and Raul smiles at Amy]

RAUL: I'm gonna make sure they're okay.


[Peter has just walked in front of a semi-truck, which has just parked in the gas station. He flags down the driver, who leans out the open window to talk to him]

TRUCK DRIVER: You on the run, buddy?
PETER: No, sir.
TRUCK DRIVER: [gives him a look] I believe you. Why not? Is Houston alright?
PETER: [sighs in relief] Sounds good to me!
TRUCK DRIVER: Come on, let's go!

[Peter walks around the truck and gets into the passenger seat of the cab before they two of them take off for Houston, Texas]


[On the NEW MEXICO ROADS, The Man narrates in voiceover as Vera drives on the highway, passing a sign that reads, "Houston: 333 miles. El Paso: 460 miles. San Antonio: 755 miles."]

THE MAN: [voiceover] Vera, you experienced things today you don't understand.

[On the ARIZONA ROADS, Amy is dozing in the passenger seat of the car while a still-anxious Erin drives the two of them and Raul to Houston. She looks back at Raul, who gives her a non-threatening look]

THE MAN: [voiceover] You're trying to deny it, but you feel it. Nothing is random. Nothing is a coincidence.

[Erin looks over at Amy's drawing, where she's colored another sunset like the one she made in chalk earlier, with green grass against the horizon]

THE MAN: [voiceover] Everything is happening for a reason.

[In CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL REDEEMER, Joshua walks onto the stage as the bright lights practically blind him as he stands in front of the empty auditorium]

THE MAN: [voiceover] And you have an important part to play.

[Joshua looks up at the ceiling, and after a moment, his eyes roll back into his head and he falls to his knees as his muscles start to seize. Suddenly, he starts to have a vision: the meteor falls to earth; The Man rises naked from the landing site; and a flash of Houston Memorial Hospital, where Vera's hands grab a pillow and prepare to put it over the face of Rose Arvale, the nurse who was shot at the beginning of the episode. When Joshua awakens, he's laying sprawled out on the stage, and he looks completely overwhelmed by what he's just experienced]


[Joshua arrives to the hospital, where he stops in the middle of the driveway, blocking several cars from passing him. He gets out of his car and stares at the hospital's sign, which matches the sign from his vision. In Rose's hospital room, the television is set to a news station that is reporting Joshua's speech following his resurrection]

JOSHUA: [on television] I died... and yet, here I am. Why? [The nurse shakes her head as she listens to the speech] I bring you a warning-- the Devil is here with us, in flesh and blood. He knows our secrets and our fears, and he will use them against us. He is temptation and sin. He is evil incarnate. He is Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and I am here to tell you, whether you believe it or not-- he is coming for us all.

[The nurse checks on Rose, who is still laying silently in her hospital bed, with IVs in her arms and an oxygen mask on her face. When the nurse leaves, The Man from earlier is revealed to be sitting in a chair across from her bed, smirking evilly. After a moment, the sclera of his eyes turn black before his irises and pupils glow bright red, revealing that he is in fact Lucifer, the Devil. Suddenly, Rose's finger begins to twitch as though she's waking up]