April 6, 2008 was the day most of the future Messengers have met without even known each other. Besides, a chain of facts led them to be in the Houston Memorial Hospital at the exact same time.

  • Vera Buckley was panicking over her son Michael being taken.
    • Michael is in fact the reincarnation of the namesake archangel who defeated the Devil ages earlier.
  • Raul Garcia was in the hospital because he broke his arm cleaning a gutter (or so he said).
  • Peter Moore was being told about new foster parents by a social worker.
  • Erin Calder was there in labor, with her then husband Ronnie at her side.
  • Joshua Silburn, Jr. was praying with a sick parishioner.
  • Koa Lin was there with food poisoning while she was on her way to a poker tournament.
  • Zahir Zakaria's presence in the hospital remains unknown.
  • Rose Arvale murdered the wife of her former affair, Charles Hart. Meanwhile, she stole Mrs. Hart's wedding ring out of jealousy, breaking her seal as the new Horseman of Death.
    • Rose was later shot by a young drug addict The Man convinced to shoot at, but the shot wasn’t fatal and she was put in a coma for six years.
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