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[[Image:MessengersUnited.jpg|thumb|right|350px|The seven Messengers united.]]
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The '''Angels of the Apocalypse''', or simply '''Messengers''', are a group of strangers who have been endowed by God with angelic gifts and must prevent the impending apocalypse to prove to God that humanity is worth saving from the [[Rapture]].
== History ==
Until present day, there have seven generations of Messengers during different ages in history, each of whom share the same gifts as the current generation; so far, each generation has managed to avert the Rapture.
The sixth generation was summoned by the end of [[Wikipedia:World War II|World War II]]. [[Eliza Shepard]] has been the last standing member of that team. They prevented the [[Horsemen of the Apocalypse|Horsemen]] from breaking the sixth seal.<ref>"[[Death Becomes Her]]"</ref>
The seventh generation have the same mission, but the only exception is that after the current Horsemen are defeated, they must confront a very different enemy that is even worse: [[Amy Calder]], the new [[Antichrist]] that will bring the "[[lake of fire]]" on Earth.<ref>"[[Houston, We Have a Problem]]"</ref>
== Description ==
The Messengers consist of seven humans who receive superhuman abilities denominated as "gifts" and are tested by [[God]] to prove if humanity is still worth saving.
The gifts have always been the same:
* Spirit-walking
* Telepathy
* Hysterical strength
* Vision
* Healing
* Shape-shifting
* Electric manipulation
However, these gifts are not so beneficial as each Messenger experiences the following side effects:
* His/her powers might go haywire
* His/her health is completely affected in both physical and mental ways
The only solution to cease those side effects is whether the seven ''true'' Messengers are united.
== List of Messengers ==
{| class="article-table"
!Debut appearence
! style="text-align:center; background:#afa;" colspan="3" | '''Sixth generation'''
|[[Eliza Shepard]]
|"[[Path to Paradise]]"
|Christopher Dayton
|"[[Spark of Hope]]"
! style="text-align:center; background:#afa;" colspan="3" | '''Seventh generation'''
|[[Vera Buckley]]
|[[Raul Garcia]]
|[[Peter Moore]]
|Hysterical strength
|[[Joshua Silburn, Jr.]]
|[[Erin Calder]]
|[[Koa Lin]]
|"[[Eye in the Sky]]"
|[[Zahir Zakaria]]
|Electric manipulation
== References ==
[[Category:Angels of the Apocalypse]]

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