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The seven Messengers united.

The Angels of the Apocalypse, or simply Messengers, are a group of strangers who have been endowed by God with angelic gifts and must prevent the impending apocalypse to prove to God that humanity is worth saving from the Rapture.


Until present day, there have been seven generations of Messengers during different ages in history, each of whom share the same gifts as the current generation; so far, each generation has managed to avert the Rapture.

The sixth generation was summoned by the end of World War II. Eliza Shepard has been the last standing member of that team. They prevented the Horsemen from breaking the sixth seal.[1]

The seventh generation have the same mission, but the only exception is that after the current Horsemen are defeated, they must confront a very different enemy that is even worse: Amy Calder, the new Antichrist that will bring the "lake of fire" on Earth.[2]


The Messengers consist of seven humans who receive superhuman abilities denominated as "gifts" and are tested by God to prove if humanity is still worth saving.

The gifts have always been the same:

  • Spirit-walking powers
  • Telepathy powers
  • Hysterical strength powers
  • Vision powers
  • Healing powers
  • Shape-shifting powers
  • Electric manipulation powers

However, these gifts are not so beneficial as each Messenger experiences the following side effects:

  • His/her powers might go haywire
  • His/her health is completely affected in both physical and mental ways

The only solution to cease those side effects is whether the seven true Messengers are united.

List of Messengers[]

Angel Gift Debut appearence
Sixth generation
Eliza Shepard Vision "Path to Paradise"
Christopher Dayton Healing "Spark of Hope"
Seventh generation
Vera Buckley Spirit-walking "Awakening"
Raul Garcia Telepathy "Awakening"
Peter Moore Hysterical strength "Awakening"
Joshua Silburn, Jr. Vision "Awakening"
Erin Calder Healing "Awakening"
Koa Lin Shape-shifting "Eye in the Sky"
Zahir Zakaria Electric manipulation "Harvest"