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Amy Calder
Amycalder season1 001.jpg
Home Tucson, Arizona
Relatives Erin Calder (Mother)
The Man (Father)
Occupation Antichrist
Status Alive
Portrayed by Madison Dellamea
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Spark of Hope

Amy Calder is a recurring character in The Messengers. She is portrayed by Madison Dellamea.


Amy Calder was born 6 April 2008 and is the daughter of Erin Calder and Ronnie. She grew up in a broken home with Erin and Ronnie constantly fighting before separating. Amy knows that she won't be seeing Ronnie again because he hurts Erin.

Amy Calder is first seen in Awakening (Pilot). She is drawing with chalk on her front driveway while her mother, Erin Calder, talks on the phone. Amy lives with her mother who is separated from her father, Ronnie.

Physical Appearance

Amy is small and slender with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.


  • Visions - Amy can see the future.
  • Healing - Inherited from her father.
  • Fire immunity - As her father she is immune to earthly fire.
  • Telekinesis - Can move objects with her mind, as her father. can.
  • Teleportation - As her father she can appear and disappear instantaneously.
The Messengers: Season One
Pilot (appears) Strange Magic (appears) Path to Paradise (appears) Drums of War (appears) Eye in the Sky (appears) Metamorphosis (appears) Deus Ex Machina (appears) A House Divided (appears) Death Becomes Her (appears) Why We Fight (absent) Harvest (absent) Spark of Hope (appears) Houston, We Have A Problem (n/a)


Amy is Erin's daughter. They are first seen in 1.01 Pilot where Amy is drawing on the driveway and Erin is asking her to get into the car. Amy is with Erin when the meteor crashes and Erin is hit by the energy pulse, dying. Amy is in critical condition and Erin is devastated, waiting at the hospital. When Erin is finally able to see Amy she leans over her, crying. Her tears heal Amy's wound. Realising Ronnie isn't going to let Amy stay with her, Erin kidnaps Amy fro the hospital and goes on the run. Amy and Erin are at the gas station when Raul takes them both hostage. Erin tells Amy not to talk to Raul, however she does anyway. In 1.02 Strange Magic Erin wants to leave Raul at a bus stop however Amy convinces her to take him to the hospital. Once at the hospital Amy sees Erin heal Raul. After meeting with the other Messengers, Erin takes Amy and leaves with Raul. While they are driving they are pulled over by the police and Amy hopes that Ronnie won't hurt Erin again. Once Raul stops the police officer and Erin drops him off at his brother's, Amy tells Erin that both of them like Raul.