Home Little Rock, Arkansas
Occupation High School Student
Status Alive
Portrayed by Lexi Atkins
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Strange Magic

Alice is a minor character in The Messengers.

Early LifeEdit

The MessengersEdit

Alice is a student at Little Rock High School in Arkansas.

Alice is first seen in Awakening (Pilot) and is a friend of Peter Moore's.


Alice comes across as friendly and thoughtful. She is very kind to Peter and defends him when he is bullied.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alice is tall and slender with long blonde hair.


Alice and Peter Edit

It is seen that Alice and Peter are close friends, and Alice is shown to be defensive of Peter, as shown when she stood for him against a bully in Awakening. After Peter had beaten that same bully to death at a party later that day (after receiving his gift of super strength), Alice took Peter into the back yard and cleaned off blood that was on his face. When Peter tells Alice that he needs to leave, Alice clearly shows that she doesn't want him to, even offering for him to stay at her house for the night, but Peter says no. Before Peter left, however, he kissed Alice, which she returned lovingly, and the kiss would have probably lasted longer, but they were cut short when they heard police sirens heading their way. Upon hearing the sirens, Peter left. In Strange Magic, Alice calls Peter and tells him that he needs to come home, saying that the police know that his murder of Sam (the bully) was just self-defense, but Peter simply says that he can't come home yet, saying that some strange things are happening and he has to figure it out. When they hang up, after saying goodbye, it is revealed that Alice was working with the police, and that the call was just meant to track Peter down. After Alice hung up the phone, the look on her face showed that she regretted what she did.




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