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Federico Puricelli
• 6/10/2015

Category & Layout Updates Complete

The category and layout updates / rollback's are now complete. Please feel free to begin contributing and adding information to Wikia pages.

Please do not change the layouts without asking first. I have no issues with ideas being thrown around and if there is a valid reason to make the changes I'm all for it. But please be respectful and don't simply change something because you want to. There are guides and formats in place for a reason. Thank you.

  • If you notice any errors / anything missed in the updates please feel free to fix it and / or notify me. Thank you.
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Federico Puricelli
• 6/10/2015

Now that you have my attention, this is most of what I saw:

1. You no longer need the table of appearence for each character present or absent. Just make a list of episodes for the ones that were present or mentionated.

2. You no longer need the Season One page after the show was already canceled. You need to redirect it with the series' page.

3. Most of the pages lack of images and videos, which clips could be included.

4. Analyse which is in fact secondary (recurring/supporting) and which one is tertiary (guest/minor). Of course I added a category about the allies who help the angels

5. A is the same thing as The... and article. An advice when we order the episodes in the categories.

5. The pilot has already a title ("Awakening")

6. If you let me, I can show pages where that tell recaps of all episodes that were broadcasted until today, e.g. Celeb Dirty Laudry, TVLine and Recap Guide:

7. I'm not sure what else for now... but I'm gonna think about it.

See ya...

• 6/10/2015


1) The Appearance table is part of the layout

2) Redirect is complete

3) If you see pages that are missing content you are welcome to contribute the information

4) The "recurring characters" with pages are "recurring" which is why they are listed under said category

5) Yes, I'm aware the pilot is titled Awakening

Thanks, - Raina

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